All great ideas in life need a spark to be conceived, some motivation to be brought to life and a lot of inspiration to flourish and we were lucky enough to find all of the above in one couple: Leo and Seraphine’s vision about their wedding sparked the idea in us to start working together as MODISH.  Their positive attitude was the motivation to make this project come to life and their sense of style, larger than life personalities and sheer passion for life gave us all the inspiration we needed to make this a “once in a lifetime” event.

This wedding was a 4 day cruise of the Greek Islands ending in Constantinoupolis, with themed parties every day, on location events, a lot of dancing, fun, and of course… a wedding!  Even though for Modish, our partners and for the couple it was a journey that started a year earlier, the four days that everything came together on the cruise ship, the warm compliments of the pleased, over-partied guests and the happiness exhuming from Leo and Seraphine’s smiles made all the hard work worth it. We knew this was a winner and we are honoured to be able to share this endeavour with you.

Enjoy this small teaser of the entire cruise made by FreeFeelings and stay tuned for more amazing photos and details of this Big – Fun – Romantic and simply Fabulous Wedding.